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X|| Story Talks

We give local and international talks about all aspects of telling stories with digital technologies.
As invited keynote speakers globally, we have spoken about new approaches to the use of emerging technologies in digital storytelling, the design of inclusive frameworks and creating with ai (to name a few). We are experienced at giving talks in person or virtually or you could invite us to be provocateurs for your Away Day.


Talk Examples

Yamada-Rice, D. & Dare, E. (2022)  Equity and the Immersive Lab: Polygon by polygon, how do we build an equitable world. Kingston University, London (22/06/22) Keynote.

Dare and Yamada-Rice were invited to be provocateurs on the subject of equity and immersive tech and development.

Yamada-Rice, D. & Dare, E. (2022) Virtual magic: sleight of hand in immersive storytelling. Connecting Screens: Playing with Immersive Systems Research Symposium, Leeds School of Art, Invited Keynote (30/03/22).